Susan Jakobson

PH&S Advisor

Susan Jakobson is a Program Consultant to the Mental Health Commission of Canada for the Standard for Psychological Health and Safety of Post-Secondary Students. The Student Standard will be complementary to the National Standard of Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. Susan is also a certified Psychological Health & Safety (PH&S) Advisor.

Susan has extensive experience in clinical nursing, workplace mental health, health, safety & wellness, and human resources. She has vast experience as a manager and director in supporting the success of people in the workplace. This unique blend of knowledge, skills and experience results in the ability to provide consultation and programing to clients that is relevant, timely and meaningful to the realities of today’s workplaces. Supporting individuals and organizations to be happier, healthier, and more productive is a passion for Susan as she recognizes work is where we spend one-third of our lives! It is often a place that defines much of who we are. When we have a purpose, we have passion!

Prior to joining MyWorkplaceHealth, Susan had been working with both public and private organizations to support mentally healthy workplaces by developing and delivering healthy workplace programs with a focus on mental health, self-care, team care and resilience building.

Susan works with employers to balance workplace health with the business imperative to provide practical and realistic approaches to psychological health and safety at work. In addition to her role with MyWorkplaceHealth, Susan has been in an advisory, developmental and delivery role with McMaster University and the Beyond Silence Program.

Susan is passionate about supporting people to be their best and happiest! When not consulting, you can find Susan skiing the hills, hiking the trails with her dog Walker or doting over her 2 granddaughters.

Read Susan’s blog on Postpartum Depression.

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