Clearing a Path for PH&S in Workplaces Around the Globe

MyWorkplaceHealth has been intentional in partnering with values-based organizations that are dedicated to moving PH&S forward.

Clearing a Path for PH&S in Workplaces Around the World

MyWorkplaceHealth has been intentional in partnering with values-based organizations that are dedicated to moving PH&S forward

National Project Initiatives

Dr. Samra is a national thought leader on issues relating to psychological health and resilience, and has made significant contributions to the mental health landscape and policy change in Canada. Links to some of the key projects and initiatives that Dr. Samra and her MyWorkplaceHealth team have led are below.

National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health & Safety in the Workplace

Dr. Samra is a founding and ongoing member of the CSA Technical Committee that developed the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health & Safety in the Workplace (CAN/CSA-Z1003-13/BNQ9700-803/2013). This Standard is the first of its kind in the world, and is shaping policy development around psychological health & safety at the international ISO level.

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The Evolution Of Workplace Mental Health In Canada

Dr. Samra led a large-scale research investigation into the evolution of Canadian workplace mental health strategies and initiatives. The focus of this project was to examine how mental health policies and procedures have changed from 2007-2017, including focus on the evolution of general mental health awareness as it relates to the workplace.

Download the Report – English
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Guarding Minds @ Work: A Workplace Guide To Psychological Health & Safety

Dr. Samra is the lead Research Scientist who developed the psychosocial factor frame adapted by the Standard. Guarding Minds @ Work (Guarding Minds) is an innovative, evidence-based online resource that helps employers assess and address these areas of psychosocial risk as outlined by the National Standard. The Guarding Minds resources include the Guarding Minds @ Work Employee Survey and Organizational Review, and a series of action, evaluation, and corrective action resources.

Learn how to assess psychosocial risk

Psychologically Safe Leader Assessment

Dr. Samra developed the Psychologically Safe Leader Assessment (PSLA). This self-assessment tool helps workplace leaders identify strengths and associated areas for improvement as it pertains to their leadership style in the context of psychological health and safety, consistent with the tenets of the National Standard.

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Managing Emotions

Dr. Samra is the principal developer of Managing Emotions. Managing Emotions comprises a set of online, interactive assessment and training resources that strengthen the interpersonal competence and emotional intelligence skills of managers. These free resources provide effective, evidence-based strategies that can help managers reduce their stress, while positively impacting the stress levels and well-being of employees.

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Building Capacity to Promote and Protect Psychological Health & Safety (PH&S) in the Not-for-profit Sector: A pre-post evaluation of Mindful Employer Canada’s In-House Training Program

Dr. Samra lead a research investigation to evaluate the impact of a 2-year case study research project that utilized Mindful Employer Canada’s in-house program to assist not-for-profits across Canada to promote psychological health and safety in their workplaces. Overarching aims for the project included enhancing core competencies for participants/leaders across the domains of emotional intelligence, communication, and facilitation skills, critical thinking, and integrity; to help workers both manage workplace stress more effectively and promote a psychologically safer work environment; and, relatedly, to examine the impact of training sessions on Volunteers and Psychological Health and Safety and Preventing Traumatic Mental Stress.

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Building Stronger Teams, Supporting Effective Team Leaders: A Leader’s Guide And Activities For Developing Resilience For You And Your Team

Dr. Samra’s Managing Emotions modules served as foundational content for this guide. The first section of this book, Supporting Effective Team Leaders, teaches leaders self-awareness and effective communication skills. The second section, Building Stronger Teams, provides practical activities for developing your team’s ability to problem-solve, be objective and work well together.

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Not Myself Today®

Not Myself Today® is an evidence-informed, practical solution to help employers transform mental health at work. This workplace mental health initiative helps companies build greater awareness, reduce stigma, and foster safe and supportive cultures. Dr. Samra developed and hosted a 6-video series for Not Myself Today®, which guides users through practical information on mental health/illness, early warning signs/myths about these issues, and how to support co-workers with mental health issues, among other important topics.

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Bounce Back®

Offering its services via video, coaching services, or an online program, the Canadian Mental Health Association’s (CMHA) free Bounce Back® program helps users learn the skills needed to counter symptoms of anxiety, depression, and general mental health issues. In the video series, Dr. Joti Samra narrates and guides viewers through practical tips to manage their mood, build confidence, increase their activity, improve their problem-solving strategies, and live a healthier lifestyle.
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