Paul Griggs

Business & Strategy Consultant

“Musicians must make music, artists must paint, poets must write if they are ultimately to be at peace with themselves. What humans can be, they must be.”

– Abraham Maslow

Paul Griggs is a Business & Strategy Consultant with MyWorkplaceHealth. He is committed to helping organizations reach their full potential through strategic planning and organizational structuring, and to combining his previous work experience and current training to empower leaders to create healthy and long term sustainable workplace environments for themselves and their team.

Paul has extensive experience in business development, management and growth. From entrepreneurial start-ups to serving as Vice President for a global corporation, Paul works with business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs to help them navigate through the challenges of starting, growing, and managing a successful business. He is passionate about workplace health because he believes that at the core of every successful business, there is a strong commitment for the health and wellness for all employees and their leaders. 

Paul is known for his ability to help business leaders and entrepreneurs streamline their business processes and diversify their revenue. Prior to joining MyWorkplaceHealth, Paul served as Vice President at Informa plc. Based in London UK, Informa is the world’s largest events and publishing company employing over 11,000 staff worldwide and trading on the London Stock Exchange. Prior to that, Paul successfully started and managed a business in Vancouver before selling it to a privately owned company in 2010. Paul currently provides executive leadership coaching and business consulting for companies looking to diversify sales, increase their revenue and streamline their business processes. 

In addition to his role with MyWorkplaceHealth, Paul is an advisory board member with the British Columbia Career Development Association. Paul holds a degree from the University of British Columbia and is currently pursuing his Masters of Counselling Degree at City University. 

Born in Vancouver, Paul has always appreciated the outdoors and enjoys exploring the west coast throughout all the seasons. Paul is also an avid practitioner of meditation, a writer and reader. He believes we all have a purpose in life and is passionate to continue learning about his and helping others discover theirs.

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