Patricia Ruiz

Registered Clinical Counsellor

“We need a warrior’s heart that lets us face our lives directly, our pains and limitations, our joys and possibilities.”

– Jack Kornfield

Patricia Ruiz (she/her/hers) is a facilitator at MyWorkplaceHealth and a Registered Clinical Counsellor at the Psychological Health & Safety (PH&S) Clinic. Patricia graduated with a Master’s degree in Counselling from City University of Seattle and holds a Master’s degree in Education (Curriculum and Instruction), as well as Bachelor’s degree in History and Spanish Literature from New Mexico State University. Patricia has been an educator and facilitator for over 20 years, working with individuals and groups large and small, teaching English and Spanish languages, life skills, cross-cultural communication, intercultural competence development, employment readiness, and job search skills.

Patricia currently facilitates workshops and presentations for MyWorkplaceHealth that aim to enhance knowledge and understanding of mental health, wellness, and resilience in both workplace and personal settings. As a facilitator, Patricia’s goal is to establish respectful, inclusive spaces conducive to exploration, reflection, learning, and collaboration. Patricia provides experiential learning opportunities, in which participants are invited to learn by doing, and to reflect and articulate their experiences of the learning process, as well as of the objectives to integrate new and existing knowledge to help bring this understanding into practice.

When not working as a facilitator or therapist, you can find Patricia cooking vegetarian food and baking. She enjoys regular meditation and yoga practice and loves walking, dancing, and spending time with her partner, beloved greyhound, and her sweet and sassy cat.

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