Mary Ann Baynton

Director of Collaboration and Strategy for Workplace Strategies for Mental Health

Mary Ann Baynton is a pioneer in psychological health and safety, and has been heavily involved in policy-related work around the Standard since inception. Her leadership roles have included: Founding Member and Co-Chair of the CSA Technical Committee for the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace; member of the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s Workforce Advisory Committee; and, member of the Employment Standards Committee for the AODA. Mary Ann is also a founder of Mindful Employer Canada and continues as an advisor to this not-for-profit organization.

Mary Ann is proud to be the Director of Strategy and Collaboration for Workplace Strategies for Mental Health, an initiative of Canada Life which develops and provides free tools and resources for anyone who wishes to prevent, manage or improve psychological health and safety at work.

Mary Ann shares practical strategies for managing workplace issues in a way that protects both leaders and employees, and is responsible for supporting senior and front line leaders who want to take their skill set to the next level. Mary Ann has extensive experience in resolving workplace issues such as performance, conflict, team dysfunction, low morale or stress at work and is passionate about workplace health as she believes we all want to thrive at work and can better do that when we remove unnecessary stress. Mary Ann is known for sharing real life examples of practical strategies anyone can use.

Mary Ann is the author of several books including Mindful Manager, Keeping Well at Work, Preventing Workplace Meltdown, Resolving Workplace Issues, Building Stronger Teams, and The Evolution of Workplace Mental Health in Canada.

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