Marissa Bowsfield

CBT Therapist

“The feeling of love comes and goes on a whim; you can’t control it. But the action of love is something you can do, regardless of how you are feeling.”

– Russ Harris

Marissa Bowsfield is a CBT Therapist with MyWorkplaceHealth. She helps clients turn their relationship woes into relationship wins. Marissa has experience in psychological assessment (e.g., diagnostic, neuropsychological, vocational), cognitive behavioural therapy, anxiety and depression, relationship and sexuality challenges.

Marissa is passionate about workplace health because our work is such a huge and impactful part of our lives; when it is healthy and satisfying it can bring great fulfillment, but when it is unhealthy and unsatisfying it can have far-reaching negative effects. She is known for situating client problems in the context of their interpersonal relationships and experiences, supporting but challenging clients to identify their core values and goals and take the necessary (but often frightening!) steps to lead a more fulfilling life, whatever that may look like.

Marissa holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology at Simon Fraser University and is currently completing her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Simon Fraser University; her research on couples and sexuality is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. She has extensive training in psychological assessment and treatment in outpatient, inpatient, private, and public settings with a diverse range of clients. She has conducted independent research on close relationships and sexuality and presented her research at international conferences. She is a member of the Canadian Sex Research Forum and the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Couples Therapy and Research Special Interest Group, and has published her work in academic journals.

Marissa has also worked as a research associate with Dr. Samra on multiple workplace psychological health and safety projects, including the University of Fredericton’s series of psychological health and safety in the workplace certificates, which were developed by Dr. Samra, and Dr. Samra’s Evolution of Workplace Mental Health in Canada Research Report.

When not doing psychological assessments or therapy, you can find Marissa exploring Metro Vancouver’s mountains, parks, and trails, slowly reading through a long list of books, and planning her next trip abroad!

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