Jessica Grass

Registered Psychotherapist

“Keep it simple and focus on what matters. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed.”

– Confucius

Jessica Grass, RP, MST, M.Ed is an accomplished therapist, educator, facilitator and innovator who focuses on deconstructing knowledge related to mental wellness at home, in the community and in the workplace so that it can be applied to improving people’s everyday lives. 

Prior to becoming a consultant in the mental health space and psychotherapist, Jessica worked in the communication, marketing and education fields. Jessica’s work in those fields focused on learning how to communicate effectively so that important knowledge would be absorbed. Soon she realized that her desire for effective and efficient knowledge uptake in others was often hindered by the impact of one’s mental wellness. Jessica noticed how one’s mental wellness affected one’s ability to achieve their goals and it was then she pursued a degree in counselling psychology.

With her education and mental health subject matter expertise, Jessica thrives on making mental health knowledge understood and accessible to all which has resulted in her work on a variety of impactful projects. Working alongside the team at Canada Life’s Workplace Strategies for Mental Health division, Jessica helped to create a series that helps people have supportive conversations with family or friends that might be exhibiting concerning behavior. Jessica also served as the co-author, and subject matter expert for IncludeMeTM, a gamified scenario-based training program for managers about workplace mental health & psychological safety. Most recently, Jessica was the subject matter expert on “Project: Kids, Let’s Be Superheroes” – a children’s book addressing the mental health impact of the pandemic on children covering topics including stress, anxiety, and loss.

Jessica has also been a speaker and facilitator on a variety of mental health topics such as resilience, emotional intelligence, communication skills, anxiety and parenting. She has presented at international conferences and worked with employee assistance providers such as LifeWorks to deliver various mental health programs.

When not working with MWH or consulting on the development of mental health literacy tools, Jessica is Registered Psychotherapist in Ontario running a private practice that supports individuals and couples with navigating life challenges and personal emotional or behavioral disruptions. Jessica applies Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Narrative Therapy to support clients.

Jessica continues to expand her knowledge base and skills in all areas of mental health so that she can consistently improve how she support others in their life journeys.

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