Dr. Erika Penner

Registered Psychologist

Dr. Erika Penner is a Registered Psychologist with MyWorkplaceHealth and believes that opportunity is everywhere – especially in adversity, conflict and experiences of perceived failure. She has extensive experience in all aspects of positive psychology and the psychology of leadership, particularly as applied to workplace health and development. In addition to diverse clinical experiences in public and private health organizations, Dr. Penner has developed, taught, and applied concepts within industrial organizational and positive psychology to academic and business settings. She is particularly interested in transformational growth, experiences of flow, resilience, productivity, behavior change, and what makes us happy.

Dr. Penner is passionate about workplace health because we spend more of our life at work than at home. We cannot be healthy in our lives if our workplaces are dysfunctional. At their best, our workplaces can provide models for how to have healthy relationships, how to communicate assertively rather than passively or aggressively, and how to resolve conflict respectfully. The better we are at work, the better we are all at home, in our communities, and in our own relationships.

Dr. Penner has worked within a variety of organizations – from academic settings, to public health, to non-profits, and the private sector. In addition to providing clinical services to a wide variety of patient populations, she teaches, engages in research, and provides supervision to graduate students across disciplines. She is a clinical associate at Simon Fraser University and a clinical investigator with the BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute and holds a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology.

Dr. Penner is known for her direct yet compassionate approach. She strives to put people at ease, even when talking about challenging subjects. She believes that we should never take ourselves too seriously and that humour is best used liberally.

When not filling the role of registered psychologist, workplace consultant and leadership coach, you can find Dr. Penner taking weekend trips just about anywhere!

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